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Mold Prototyping Service

Get USA based prototyping and mold creation for your company’s needs even if you’re in need of quick overall lead times.
Prototype Molds

Our Prototyping Process

How do we keep prototyping quality high and lead times low?
✓ Pairing 3D Modeling Software With Top Talent.
Our designers are equipped with the best in class CAD software, Cimatron. It allows us to use templates and automation to design your prototype quicker and at a higher standard of quality.
✓ Our Streamlined Process and Clean Set-Up.
Our plant runs like a well-oiled machine with the latest equipment and a team of “A players” that understand the bigger picture of your supply chain and mold making in a holistic sense.
✓ We Predict Future Issues and Strategize To Avoid Them.
We’ve worked on hundreds of molds, so we understand the structural issues that many molds face. Our software and team members ensure that your parts will avoid warping, sizing and cosmetic issues in the future. The team’s vast experience, has created our ability to meet your needs with appearance and function of the tool.

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