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We offer every service you could need to get the perfect mold for your parts.

Prototyping Your Injection Molds

We specialize in our ability to design and build complex prototype molds with some of the industries shortest lead times.

Your Custom Plastic Injection Molds

We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to quality. We’ve kept our operations entirely domestic, right here in the United States. We operate in the industries most competitive lead times as well. Since we work with the latest technology you can expect speed and quality with your plastic injection mold. While most molds take 10-14 weeks to produce, our molds typically take 1-7 weeks.

Examples of Our Molds

Check out some of our past work in the mold creation business.

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Get in contact, we know this can be a confusing process. We want you to feel welcomed to reach out to a real person.