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Our Team, Facility and Technology.

Employee centered, client focused and technology driven.

Our Unique Team

The team works together on each mold and are in tune to each others responsibility. Cross-training has enhanced our ability to meet higher standards and efficiency in the shop. We also take pride in keeping our team and 100% of our products based in the USA.

We’re Customer Focused

Getting the job done requires thorough knowledge of your entire project and how we fit into the overarching system that is your business. Our process includes strategizing to bring you a mold that works in the real world.

We Use Superior Technology

The best molds are created by pairing a skilled mold maker and the tools they need to get the job done. We take pride in using cutting edge, high productivity machinery. This means we are able to achieve high accuracy quality molds with some of the industries quickest lead times.

Contact Us

Give us a ring and we will connect you with the same team members that are on the floor producing hundreds of molds every year.